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      Non-Surgical Turkey Neck Lift in Raleigh, NC

      Trying to hide your turkey neck?

      If you've been wearing turtle necks and scarves to mask sagging neck skin and obsessing over strategic selfie angles, you know what it is - but what causes turkey neck?

      As you get older and lose collagen, the skin on your neck becomes drier, thinner and less elastic, while your front neck muscles stretch out and become more lax. Any excess weight you gain migrates from your facial tissue into your lower jaw and under your chin. On top of that, like so many people, you may have always taken great care of their facial skin but overlooked your neck and decolletage. Before you know it, you're sporting a Jello-like turkey neck.

      If you've tried creams, masks and turkey neck exercises who know that it takes much more to battle the waning collagen and elastin that have disrupted your soft, sensual sweep of a neck. Wondering how to tighten neck skin without surgery? Less expensive, pain free options await.

      Allow a national expert to rejuvenate your neck skin

      Our aesthetic nurses, Meredith Harris, NP and Heather Shelton Roberts, RN, BSN, are amongst the top neck rejuvenation specialists in the country. They have been delivering every available clinically-validated turkey neck treatment to hundreds of patients for over a decade. Apart from the science and technology they have mastered during their illustrious careers, Meredith and Heather have also honed the subtle skills of skin type analysis, needle positioning, and treatment synergy.

      They know exactly how the collagen-producing deoxycholic acid in Kybella injections melt away targeted submental fat cells so they can be removed by your lymphatic system. They have mastered the PDO threads, which stimulates your skin to heal itself around polydioxanone threads, creating new collagen. They understand precisely how and where injected Botox releases and separates your platysma - the thin fan of rope-like muscle that spreads from your chest up your neck to your jaw.

      They will thoroughly evaluate you and discuss your treatment goals, before crafting a custom, evidence-based protocol for your neck revival with one or more of these treatments:

      Request Your Custom Neck Rejuvenation Today

      Keep the turkey waddles on the Thanksgiving table, while you snap stress-free family selfies with a genuine, youthful smile. For a silky smooth, sensual neck contour schedule a discrete, compassionate consultation by calling New Life Aesthetics in Raleigh, NC at (919) 521-8282 or contact us online today!

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