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      Meredith Harris, NP

      Meredith Harris, NP

      Meredith Harris, NP


      It was during a prolonged hospital stay in second grade that I became interested in medicine as a profession and grounded in my faith. Despite my complex condition, the providers who treated and cared for me made a lifelong impression. Their gentle, compassionate care, love for teaching and encouragement soon had me wondering if I would someday follow in their footsteps.

      Full recovery enabled my childhood fun to resume, and my talents to blossom: watercolor painting, sewing, handcrafting, and interior design filled my teenage and young adult years with passion. My artistic gifts and skillset drew much praise and admiration, but I remained deeply driven to help people with their medical needs.

      After studying women's health at Penn, I spent a decade working in gynecology, where my passion for taking care of women, both body and soul, grew. It was then that I also recognized the joy I found in teaching. Still, my artistic gifts never stopped calling. That’s when the Lord blessed me by opening a door to aesthetic medicine.

      It was at my very first dermal filler training session, well over a decade ago, that an esteemed colleague recognized my gift for injectable medicine, and suggested I begin training other injectors. The rest is aesthetics history!

      My innate understanding of aesthetic medicine as both a science and an art enabled me to quickly become recognized as a national trainer and consultant for Allergan Aesthetics. Fulfilling my dream to educate our industry to achieve safe and aesthetically beautiful outcomes, I have been asked to speak from the podium at some of the most important national and international aesthetic medicine conferences and have been blessed to be one of the country’s top medical aesthetics influencers.

      After helping lead multiple aesthetics start-ups to success, the entrepreneur in me was ready to venture out on my own. I opened New Life Aesthetics – my dream lived out. And the place where we help you live out yours.

      Aesthetics tech savvy and artistry do not lend themselves to one-size-fits-all solutions. That’s why I assess every patient’s skin type, age, gender, genetics and lifestyle before delivering solutions. Whether it’s choosing the right option to treat a double chin, discerning the perfect strategy for getting rid of pesky upper lip lines, choosing the best treatment for sun-damaged skin, or navigating the best filler options for facial contouring – the spectrum of treatment choices can be overwhelming for busy men and women seeking life balance.

      I’ve been blessed with the platform, the talent, and the passion to help both patients and colleagues navigate the ever-evolving world of aesthetic medicine.

      The moment you enter our serene, inviting Magnolia Place suite in the Crabtree District of Raleigh, you’ll feel nurtured and pampered – as you deserve to be. From your first phone call, to your friendly greeting at our office door, to your discreet, personalized consultation, education, gentle touch, and follow-up care – my New Life Aesthetics team is here to serve.

      It’s you – my lovely, loyal patients – who’ve made our wild success and unprecedented growth possible. Whether I’m educating a newbie on anti-aging technology, performing a treatment, or prescribing customized follow-up care, my reason for this career choice is simple: I yearn for the opportunity to be a part of the journey to help restore joy and confidence through my creative gifts. And when I get a thank you card like this one, I know I’ve succeeded:

      ‘To my Earth Angel, thank you for making me beautiful again!’

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