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      Hyperpigmentation Treatment in Raleigh, NC

      Age spots. Liver spots. Sun spots. These are all less than endearing terms used for areas of hyperpigmentation.

      Sun damage is the biggest culprit of hyperpigmentation. The good news is, if you basked in the sun or tanning beds in your younger years, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with discoloration forever.

      At New Life Aesthetics, our aesthetic nurses have several options to treat hyperpigmentation (as well as pesky skin tags). Using light and low-frequency energy treatments, you can say goodbye to the mistakes of your youth and say hello to even skin tone that is glowy and youthful.

      Schedule your hyperpigmentation consultation at our Raleigh, NC office by calling New Life Aesthetics today. Call (919) 521-8282 or contact us here.

      What is Hyperpigmentation?

      Hyperpigmentation refers to a collection of darker skin cells - an area of skin with more melanin, the cells responsible for giving color to our skin and hair.

      Freckles and ‘age spots’ are all caused by hyperpigmentation and seem to get worse and more bothersome as you age. Those once cute freckles have turned into areas you’re constantly covering with concealer and powder to try and smooth out your skin tone.

      Hyperpigmentation can be caused by the sun, pregnancy, or various medications.

      Are Moles Caused by Hyperpigmentation?

      Moles are often caused by hyperpigmentation and are not only a discoloration but are raised areas or bumps. Moles can be red, brown, black, or purple.

      If you’re wondering about mole removal in Raleigh, NC, including laser mole removal – moles can be easily removed with a simple in-office procedure. However, sometimes moles are made of cancerous cells and should be evaluated for skin cancer if removed.

      Red moles, also called cherry angiomas, are typically non-cancerous and are caused by a collection of blood vessels rather than melanin. This is why they are bright red in appearance. Red moles can usually be removed without further evaluation.

      Our team will perform a thorough assessment of your skin and any moles during your visit and will give you their expert opinion and advice about the best plan moving forward.

      Hyperpigmentation Treatment Options

      At New Life Aesthetics, we offer many highly effective treatments for hyperpigmentation.

      Aerolase Neoclear

      The Aerolase Neoclear laser uses energy to safely penetrate deep within the layers of the skin to target hyperpigmentation. The heat used by the Aerolase Neoclear stimulates new collagen production to replace dark, dull skin cells and repair the surrounding tissue.

      Your complexion and skin tone can be improved after a short 30-minute procedure. It usually takes four treatments to get the full benefit of the Aerolase Neoclear with maintenance treatments done every 3-6 months.

      BroadBand Light

      Forever Young BroadBand Light (BBL) uses energy to penetrate deep within the skin to improve your complexion and improve hyperpigmentation.

      BBL uses infrared and visible light energy to improve pigmentation and even out skin tone.

      Subnovii Plasma Pen

      The Subnovii Plasma Pen uses low frequency energy to address hyperpigmentation by stimulating your body’s natural healing response.

      Skin tags, moles and seborrheic keratoses can be removed with the power of plasma energy.

      This means you get a customized treatment based on your needs creating personalized and highly effective results.

      Customized Medium Depth Peels

      Peel away pigment changes with a customized chemical peel. Using PCA SKIN peels, our aesthetics team can create a peel to target pigment changes and other concerns specific to you and your skin. Our medical aesthetics team are trained PCA Certified Professionals to ensure safe and effective chemical peel treatments.

      Chemical peels help correct discoloration caused by sun damage and brighten the skin giving you a nice smooth glow. Most people need a series of chemical peel treatments to achieve their ideal results and skin tone.

      Skin Tag Treatments

      Skin tags are caused by an excess of skin cells that develop on the top layer of skin. While harmless, skin tags can be frustrating and bothersome. The Aerolase Neoclear laser and Subnovii Plasma Pen are both treatment options to remove skin tags.

      These treatments target and destroy the excess skin cells and subsequently cause the skin tag to fall off naturally within 1-2 weeks.

      What To Expect from Your Hyperpigmentation Treatment?

      Whether our aesthetics team recommends the Aerolase Neoclear laser, Broad Band Light, customized peels or Subnovii Plasma pen to treat your hyperpigmentation or skin tags – your visit will be relatively quick with little to no downtime.

      Local anesthetic may be used depending on the treatment choice to help reduce any discomfort. You will be able return to work or play right after your treatments.

      It may take a few weeks for the hyperpigmentation to start resolving as it takes about 3-4 weeks for new skin cells to be produced. All treatment options for hyperpigmentation, moles, and skin tags require you to be out of the sun for at least 6 weeks prior to, and after, the procedure.

      Request Your Consultation Today!

      If you’re in the Raleigh area looking for mole removal, skin tag removal, or to improve hyperpigmentation – the medical aesthetics team at New Life Aesthetics is here to help.

      Using the latest technology to tackle these stubborn skin conditions, you can start getting the smooth and even skin tone you’ve always dreamed of.

      Schedule your consultation at our Raleigh, NC office by calling New Life Aesthetics today at (919) 521-8282 or contact us here.

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