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      Nobody needs to tell you when you're in menopause...

      If your energy, memory and bone density are waning, if coughing or exercising releases uncontrollable urine flow, if painful, frustrating sex is disrupting your relationship - you've likely entered menopause. Why are all these effects of menopause on the body so sudden and simultaneous?

      As you age, your ovaries produce erratic levels of the sex hormones estrogen, testosterone and progesterone, which can cause everything from low bone density to vaginal dryness and female incontinence. But you don't have to keep suffering. Scientific innovation has brought a wide range of non-surgical regenerative therapies that may stimulate new vaginal tissue growth and increase vaginal sensitivity.

      But Meredith will tell you how to resolve those disruptive symptoms

      What's the best lubricant for menopause dryness? Like every woman's menopause, every woman's solution will be a bit different. That's why every woman needs the care and discreet, compassionate care of a highly-respected sexual health expert like Meredith.

      After discussing your goals and medical history she may decide to deliver the O-shot (orgasm shot) infusing your vaginal tissues and clitoris with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) growth factors extracted from your own blood.

      She may determine that the most effective treatment for you is Sciton's diVa - hybrid fractional laser technology to resurface, thicken and tighten your soft vaginal tissue. It may be that your body is a better fit for SkinTyte technology, which delivers highly focused infrared energy to promote collagen production leading to increased vaginal skin firmness.

      Whichever therapy Meredith delivers, she will always be promoting the same result: a thicker, more elastic vaginal wall to resolve incontinence, as well as increased vaginal and clitoral moisture and sensitivity for heightened sexual satisfaction.

      Meredith is skilled to deliver such diverse treatments with impressive efficacy rates. That's what makes her just a well sought after women's health specialist. She has mastered the science and art of injectables for sexual revival. After diligently analyzing your health and your goals, she will gently and carefully deliver one of more of these therapies:

      Request Your Custom Sexual Revival Therapy Today

      Don't let hormonal imbalances alter your personality and sexuality. Menopause does not have to cause low energy, low libido and sexual dysfunction. Meredith's discrete, compassionate care will have you enjoying life and sex just like you did in younger years. Schedule a consultation with this renown sexual health expert by calling New Life Aesthetics in Raleigh at (919) 521-8282 or contacting us here.

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