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      diVaTyte Vaginal Rejuvenation in Raleigh, NC

      Menopause and hormonal changes can affect many aspects of your life – even those most intimate areas. As we age, women can experience urinary incontinence as well as sexual dysfunction due to changes in the integrity of sensitive vaginal tissue.

      If you’ve ever been self-conscious and feel like you just don’t look like yourself down there – you’re not alone! Concerns over the appearance of vaginal tissue are some of the biggest worries of postmenopausal women.

      DiVaTyte vaginal rejuvenation treatments can help with this extremely personal challenge and restore your confidence. With our minimally invasive diVaTyte vaginal resurfacing treatment, you can restore urinary function as well as sexual function.

      By using minimally invasive laser technology, diVaTyte tightens and firms the tissue of your vaginal introitus and labia in a short and virtually painless office visit.

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      What Causes Vaginal Laxity and Dryness?

      diVaTyte Vaginal Rejuvenation Therapy Raleigh NC

      When women go through menopause, many hormonal changes occur including decreased moisture in vaginal tissues. Collagen and elastin reduction affects skin everywhere – this is why we develop those unsightly jowls and sagging skin as we age.

      The vaginal and labial tissue is no exception to this progression of aging leading to many women becoming self-conscious about the visual appearance of their most intimate areas.

      Menopause isn’t the only cause of vaginal health changes! Multiple pregnancies and other issues can cause these same concerns prior to menopause.

      Not only do women desire aesthetic improvements, but tissue laxity can also cause discomfort during intercourse or interfere with urinary function – causing a need to address this dysfunction.

      How does the diVaTyte System work?

      DiVaTyte is a treatment that delivers Broadband Light therapy to increase the tightness and tone of vaginal tissue. With its powerful yet comfortable technology, diVaTyte protects the sensitive top layer of vaginal skin while targeting the deeper tissue layers of the labia and introitus.

      The energy from diVaTyte heats this deeper tissue, triggering a response from your body to repair and regenerate new tissue naturally. Over time (even after one treatment!) you can start seeing improvements in the tone and appearance of your external feminine tissue.

      What can I expect from my diVaTyte treatment?

      Your personalized diVaTyte treatment will be completed in the privacy of our Raleigh, NC office. The treatment takes about 15 minutes. Most women require several treatments to achieve their desired results. (Many women see improvements within a few weeks, but most women see their ideal results a few months later after the collagen in your body naturally improves tissue tone and elasticity.)

      DiVaTyte treatments are virtually painless and use a cooling agent to protect your skin and reduce any discomfort. There is no downtime with diVaTyte vaginal rejuvenation treatments, however, we may advise you to hold off on intercourse, tampon use, or douching for 48 hours.

      What are the benefits of using diVaTyte?

      By promoting your body’s natural healing and regeneration process – vaginal tissue becomes tight and more elastic. You no longer have to be self-conscious about sagging tissue because diVaTyte helps improve the appearance and help you feel like your younger self again.

      The vaginal rejuvenation benefits of diVaTyte can also help improve sexual function by reducing pain or discomfort during sex. Patients can also see improvements in urinary incontinence which greatly improves their overall quality of life.

      Is diVaTyte Vaginal Rejuvenation Right for Me?

      If you’re feeling self-conscious about how your most personal areas are aging or changing after childbirth – diVaTyte is right for you! If you suffer from painful intercourse due to vaginal dryness, vaginal rejuvenation can help you find comfort in and out of the bedroom.

      Do you suffer from urinary incontinence and assume this is just normal and expected after having kids? Thankfully, this is not how it has to be! DiVaTyte vaginal rejuvenation in Raleigh, NC can help you recover urinary function in a short office visit.

      Are there any side effects of diVaTyte?

      The great thing about diVaTyte is there are virtually no side effects or downtime! The minimally invasive procedure is done quickly without prep or recovery time. You can immediately get back to your daily routine without taking time for recovery – because who has time for that in today’s busy world?!

      Some women may experience mild redness to the treatment area which should resolve within a few hours.

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