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      Which Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment is Right for You?

      Experiencing symptoms like urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, and low sex drive? Trying to avoid surgery while searching for a solution?

      From MonaLisa to diVa, there are many different non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation protocols that can address these issues. The question now is: which one to choose?

      Our aesthetic nurses, Meredith Harris, NP and Heather Shelton Roberts, RN, BSN, are here to help make your decision a little easier. For more information, call New Life Aesthetics today at ☎ (919) 521-8282 or contact us online.

      What Can Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation Treat?

      Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation protocols are often used to address:

      • vaginal atrophy
      • thinning vaginal walls
      • vaginal dryness
      • vaginal looseness
      • stress urinary incontinence
      • painful sex
      • painful urination
      • reduced libido

      What Are My Options?

      Vaginal rejuvenation can be achieved with numerous non-surgical options.


      The MonaLisa uses CO2 laser technology emitted from a manually-rotated handpiece to primarily treat vaginal atrophy and encourage collagen production.

      MonaLisa Highlights:

      • Treatment time – more than 10 minutes
      • Number of treatments – 2-4
      • Time between treatments – 1.5 months
      • Treatment areas – vaginal wall
      • Downtime – mild burning for 2 days and vaginal rest for 3 days


      ThermiVa uses non-ablative radiofrequency to encourage collagen creation. A manually-moved wand delivers the energy to heat vaginal tissues.

      ThermiVa Highlights:

      • Treatment time – 30-45 minutes
      • Number of treatments – 3
      • Time between treatments – 4-6 weeks
      • Treatment areas – vulva, and vaginal wall
      • Downtime – little to none


      This tailorable protocol uses an ablative and thermal-heating CO2 laser to encourage collagen growth.

      FemiLift Highlights:

      • Treatment time – 10-15 minutes
      • Number of treatments – 3
      • Time between treatments – 4 weeks
      • Treatment areas – vaginal wall and pelvic floor
      • Downtime – 3 days of vaginal rest

      Why We Use the diVa Laser

      At New Life Aesthetics, our team utilizes the diVa Laser for vaginal rejuvenation. diVa has been rated well over 95% satisfied with treatment outcomes by consumers like you on RealSelf.


      • is 100% tailorable to your needs - laser settings, number of passes, and percentage of treatment area affected are all tailored to deliver results
      • has a 3-5-minute treatment time
      • combines ablative and non-ablative lasers which target multiple concerns and depth of tissue affected
      • delivers energy evenly (unique to diVa’s vaginal dilator)
      • is comfortable
      • requires 2 days of pelvic rest

      How Does diVa Work?

      Manufactured by Sciton, diVa uses Hybrid Fractional Laser technology to achieve rejuvenation. During the diVA procedure, both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths are delivered to the full length of the vaginal canal.

      The ablative erbium YAG laser resurfaces the vaginal canal lining while the non-ablative diode laser encourages collagen and elastin formation in the deeper tissues.

      diVa Results

      Benefits of the diVa Laser may include a tighter vaginal canal/heightened vaginal sensation, decreased/resolved urinary incontinence, and heightened vaginal lubrication/raised comfort with intercourse. You may see the effects after your first appointment.

      Overall, you’ll likely need 3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart to achieve what you want from the protocol. We will discuss your treatment plan with you in detail, as well as what you may be able to expect.

      What is the Cost of Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment?

      The MonaLisa, ThermiVa, FemiLift, and diVa all have roughly the same price point.

      Start Your Vaginal Rejuvenation Today!

      Find out more about what the diVa Laser can do for you. Call ☎ (919) 521-8282 or contact us online to make a vaginal rejuvenation appointment with New Life Aesthetics.

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