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      Scar Treatment in Raleigh, NC

      Has your skin been left scarred from an infection, surgery, injury, or inflammation from acne? Scars may appear anywhere on the body and the scar composition can vary. Scars may appear flat, sunken, colored, or lumpy. Treating them effectively is dependent on your age, severity of the scar, type and location of the scar, the color of your skin and your tolerance to procedures.Scars typically fade over time and though treatment can improve the appearance of a scar, it cannot completely erase it.

      If you are looking to improve the appearance of your scars, call the aesthetic nurse specialists at New Life Aesthetics to schedule a consultation today. Not all scars are alike, and therefore at New Life Aesthetics you will receive a thorough consultation and individualized treatment plan. There are many options to explore, and our skin care professionals will help you navigate these options, to deliver safe and effective outcomes.

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