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      "The eyes are the windows to the soul"

      Shakespeare was right, but what happens when those windows become shrouded by fine lines, crow's feet and sagging eyelids? And why does it happen sooner for some people?

      The skin around our eyes is five times thinner than the rest of our facial skin. Throw in unlucky genes, years of smoking, stress, sun bathing, suboptimal diet and you'll soon begin to see those unsightly traces of the inevitable: aging.

      Right around age 40 we stop producing collagen and our skin's elasticity dwindles. About ten years later, hormone shortages dry it out, diminishing elasticity, firmness and radiance. Also, as our eyelids stretch, the muscles supporting them weaken, causing excess fat to pucker up above and below our eyelids. This unsightly extra weight can become painful, and sometimes even reduce peripheral vision. But why wait until that happens? Preventative aesthetics is good anti-aging strategy.

      Revived eyes allow your soul to shine through

      Whether it's Botox for crow's feet and brow lifting, injectable fillers for volume, or laser resurfacing for skin tone and light reflection, our aesthetic nurses can craft your custom eyelid lift without surgery, and let all your emotions shine through using one of more of these treatments:

      Add Volume and Definition

      Improve Skin Quality and Light Reflection

      Eye Brighteners for Home

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      Don't let drooping and sagging block your youthful spirit. Revive the silky smooth texture and elasticity of your youth. Schedule a consultation with one of the country's top eye revivalists by calling New Life Aesthetics in Raleigh at (919) 521-8282 or contacting us here.

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