Spider Veins

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The LightPod Neo laser offers accurate precision and superior safety for treatment of facial and spider veins for guests of all skin types. The Neo combines the high affinity for hemoglobin and deep-heating power of a 1064nm laser, with the innovative 650-microsecond pulse technology for a unique blend of high power with a gentle, safe pulse duration. With Neo, any facial vessels as well as leg telangiectasias are treated with ease and little or no discomfort. Most are cleared in just or 2 treatment sessions.


Laser light targets the hemoglobin in vessels and causes vascular collapse and absorption by the body in the weeks or months that follow treatment.

Treatment typically takes 15-30minutes. For optimal results Meredith will recommend 2-3 treatments in a series, completed one to two months apart. No anesthesia or gel is applied to the skin and minimal to no discomfort is experienced. There is no notable down-time and guests may return to normal activity immediately following their treatment.

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