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      Patient Testimonials

      I had my first appointment with Meredith last month (May 2017) and she done her evaluation and explained in detail where and why I needed Botox® in those particular areas. In the past, I have told the technician where I wanted based on my results of previous injections and this time I trusted Meredith and her in depth knowledge and let her inject the areas and amount she thought was best. I am so happy I did, my results were wonderful and I had less units than I previously had gotten with another company, which meant I saved money with even better results. I highly recommend Meredith, she is excellent at what she does!

      - Cathy

      New Life Aesthetics staff Brittany and Meredith are very professional, knowledgeable and passionate about their jobs. They have always been extremely happy to answer any questions or concerns that I have had. Meredith is skilled at her job as an injector and a true artist. I have never felt "rushed" out of her office and it is refreshing to get a call a few days later to just see how everything is. The staff truly care for their clients and their well-being! They sell Wonderful products for your skin and have many options for everyone's budget as well. For a great experience, I highly recommend these ladies and New Life Aesthetics! You won't be sorry:)

      - Nicole

      I would highly recommend Meredith and New Life! She doesn't try to "sell" products or services and I have never felt pushed into something I wasn't comfortable about. Meredith makes sure I have a good understanding about products and services and is always completely upfront and honest about all options without false expectations of the results.

      - Melissa

      Meredith is so friendly and empathetic. Her facility is warm welcoming. I am always confident that I am receiving the best care. Keep up the good work Meredith!

      - Heather

      Meredith is wonderful. Her professionalism and consultations are the very best. Her eye for detail is right on target. Thank you for keeping me youthful and radiant (At least from the neck up) wishing you much success.

      - Brenda

      Meredith, thank you for your patience, skills and for taking the time to explain things in detail. I would truly recommend Meredith for anyone that may be considering medical / skin care.

      - Sandy

      Meredith is amazing! I would recommend New Life Aesthetics for the awesome services and products!

      - Jodi

      I have followed Meredith Harris for a few years now and she absolutely delivers beautiful results every time.

      - Joni

      Very personal experience. Great communication and informative care. Highly recommended!

      - David

      Meredith, I cannot thank you enough for the gift of my fresh new face! I am feeling so extra confident in myself every day. It is already impacting my professional life in a positive way. Just wanted to say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!!!

      - Anonymous

      Thank you so much for spending so much time with us today. Your knowledge and skills have made it much easier for us to make an educated decision regarding treatment options. Professionalism and the love for aesthetics is apparent in everything you do.

      - Anonymous

      Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! Swelling is gone and I can’t believe my eyes! Smile lines gone, lip corners don’t turn down, cheeks youthful and full, marionette lines negligible. You are truly Ponce De Leon as you have led me to the fountain. If feels good to look ones best and you have certainly been helping me do that. And all that after kissing a lot of frog docs. Thanks again!

      - Anonymous

      Words are not enough to thank you for all you have done for me. I am very happy with the results of your incredible work. I can look in the mirror now without avoiding it, and even leave the house without makeup… something that was impossible before! You have restored some confidence in my appearance that was gone, and as you know, that affects every area of a woman’s life. I thank you for that from my heart.

      - Anonymous

      Thank you so much for the Juvederm treatment. I think it makes me look at least 5 years younger! I did not experience any discomfort, bruising, or swelling after the treatment. In fact, I went out Saturday night and all of my friends loved the results.

      - Anonymous

      I had a consultation with Meredith this past week. I was extremely impressed with her vast knowledge of skincare, thorough explanation of the procedures and possible side effects, along with her gentle and pleasant demeanor. I am looking forward to working with her!

      - Anonymous

      Love the care and medical/professional approach Meredith offers. Her time with me always includes a comprehensive evaluation, a conservative approach and amazing results! I would recommend that anyone considering medical cosmetics consult with her first… she truly has a gift.

      - Anonymous

      When my husband opened the door after not seeing me for 4 months, he said ‘WOW! You got young!’ Then later I heard him tell his friend I look 20 years younger! Thank you

      - Anonymous

      A grateful note of thanks for all those lovely treatments to help me look better and feel more self-confident! Thank you, Thank you!

      - Anonymous

      I am having just a marvelous time trying out all these wonderful skin/face treatments:) I think everyone should see Meredith! I recommend you all the time!

      - Anonymous

      Thank you so much for all the work that you did! I love how I look and so does my husband! I can’t wait to go back home and see the reaction of family and friends!

      - Anonymous

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