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      Smile Line Treatment in Raleigh, NC

      Your smile is your best asset

      It says so much about you. Your smile is your passport to the world. Ironically, the very lines that are most pronounced when you smile or laugh can eventually make you appear sad.

      As your collagen supply diminishes, your volume drops, deepening your laugh lines - or nasolabial folds - which run from the nose down to the corners of the mouth and your marionette lines, which, like a ventriloquist dummy's, run down from the corners of your mouth, making you look grumpy.

      As your aging cheeks lose fat and muscle, your face may also take on a frail, hollowed-out look. Then you begin to look both grumpy and tired. Not much to smile about.

      What laugh lines treatment can nurture your greatest asset? Surgical facelifts that gash and remove tissue are so last century. Now we have a wide array of technologies that can help refill the crevices and regenerate the volume of younger years.

      We invest in radiant futures

      At New Life Aesthetics Meredith has been smoothing out smile lines for over a decade. She understands that each wrinkle is unique - with its own depth, length, age, texture, diet and environmental stress. She assesses all of your dermal enemies, then applies her hard-earned skill and savvy to craft a custom laugh line protocol.

      As one of the country's top aesthetics specialists and national injectables trainer for Allergan, Meredith excels at safe, effective smile line smoothing. Because she has mastered the science and subtle art of laugh line resolution, aesthetic practitioners all over the country covet her training. But they may have to wait - patients come first.

      Meredith will always take her time to assess your needs, analyze treatment synergies, explain your options, and diligently plan needle placement before treating your smile lines with one of more of the following:

      Request Your Smile Line Smoothing Appointment Today

      Your age or skin type should never stop you from expressing your joy, exhilaration, and sense of humor. No more need for anti-aging facial exercises or googling "how to get a smooth face in one week". Meredith will determine the dose and duration of your custom treatment until your smile is once again supported by the smooth, radiant skin of your youth. Schedule a consultation with this highly coveted skincare expert by calling New Life Aesthetics in Raleigh at (919) 521-8282 or contacting us here.

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