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      Jawline Fillers and Jawline Contouring in Raleigh, NC

      Not all jaws have time for face yoga

      It is true that face yoga and anti-aging facial exercises can increase your muscle tone and skim off some of that unsightly jawline slack. And yes, stimulating facial acupuncture points may boost your circulation. But none of these time-consuming efforts can lift, tighten and restore a set of saggy jowls.

      Why do the sleek, dramatic contours of your chin and jawline begin to sag? Waning collagen and elastin join forces with your depressor anguli oris and platysma muscles. When these muscles tighten they pull down the corners of your mouth, causing this pooling of skin we call saggy jowls. Loss of fat and crucial connective tissue proteins also makes your skin drier and thinner, less resilient and more vulnerable to gravity. But don't try to keep a straight face - if you don't smile and flex your facial muscles enough you can actually exacerbate your jowl sag!

      We can sculpt a sleek jawline over a few lunch breaks...

      To avoid all this skin aging confusion, make sure to work with jawline specialists who have studied and mastered the craft of skin contouring.

      Our aesthetic nurses have mastered all cutting edge jawline contouring technologies, They are able to impart the subtle skills of skin type analysis, needle positing strategy, and treatment synergy.

      Our team delivers every available clinically validated technique for saggy jowls:

      • Botox narrows the jawline and helps to perk up the jowls.
      • The deoxycholic acid in Kybella breaks down fat that resides below the chin and in the jowls.
      • Fillers can help revive chin and jawline contour.
      • The biodegradable synthetic polymer in a PDO threads can stimulate your skin's natural self-healing abilities.
      • Skin tightening delivers infrared energy to deeply heat and renew dermal collagen.

      But which is ideal for your age, skin type, and lifestyle? Only top-rated experts can answer that question.

      Jawline Contouring Protocols

      We will determine which of these protocols will best revive your taut, sculpted jawline:

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      You don't need to spend your evenings doing jowl exercises and looking silly. For a taut, chiseled jawline, schedule a consultation with nationally acclaimed experts at New Life Aesthetics in Raleigh, NC. Call (919) 521-8282 or contact us online.

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