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      Volume Loss Treatments in Raleigh, NC

      Have you looked in the mirror lately and said to yourself ‘these jowls make me look just like my mother’? Or have you noticed that the bags under your eyes remind you of your grandfather?

      There are non-surgical options that correct age-related volume loss and help correct and restore the change in facial structure through the decades. Surgery will lift and tighten, but it does not make up for the dramatic loss of facial bone which acts as the foundation to support everything else on top. Facial fat distribution changes, retaining ligaments that hold up the face lose their strength and the blanket of skin thins above all those structures. FDA approved soft tissue fillers, act to replace volume loss and give back function to the ligaments that lose their lifting capacity with aging. This process is much like re-inflating a deflated balloon.

      At New Life Aesthetics, we seek to understand the origin of your unique aging process. During your consultation, we will discuss what causes the bags under the eyes, the lines above your upper lip, the jowls and changing jawline, and a sagging neckline. Call (919) 521-8282 or contact us online today!

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