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      Lip Augmentation / Lip Fillers

      Plump, luscious, irresistible lips never go out of style.

      Women everywhere are obsessed with achieving the perfect pout - and for good reason. There's nothing sexier than a pair of soft, supple, warmly inviting smoochers. And why wouldn't you want to keep them that way at any age?

      Our lips begin to thin out and lose their saturated red hue some time in our early 30s and 40s. Why? UV sunrays start the process, but it's mostly a result of collagen depletion - and women produce less collagen than men, so female loss is even more devastating.

      Collagen is the foundation of healthy skin, as it forms the base for elastin and hyaluronic acid - both of which are vital to the structure, shape and suppleness of your lips. When your facial skin starts to sag, and creases begin to form around your lips you know it's time for a revamp.

      We power your kisses

      Although the science and substances that enable lip augmentation is quite precise and quantitative, your dream lip lift allows for some creative license. When you're working with one of the country's top aesthetics specialists, that is. Meredith has been crafting lip creations (and ecstatic reactions) for over a decade.

      There's a reason she was chosen to be a national injectables trainer for Allergan, and has a waiting list of practitioners seeking her instruction. Whether it's Botox, Juvederm Ultra XC or Juvederm Volbella XC, knowing the product is not enough. A true aesthetics master knows the patient. Meredith doesn't even mention a treatment until she has analyzed your age, skin type, diet, environmental damage and of course - the dream lips you envision.

      She'll always tell you what's possible and appropriate for your skin type and bone structure, so your expectations are realistic. She'll explain how various substances like hyaluronic acid and onabotulinumtoxin function, and whether they can be mixed. She'll describe only the options that are safe and effective for your unique skin. Then, she'll diligently map out a needle placement plan before enhancing your lips with one or more of the following:

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      If you've been daydreaming and secretly wondering: "Are there lip injections near me?" you're asking the wrong question. You should be asking where you can find safe, effective, skillfully and creatively delivered lip injections - and realizing that a treatment in Meredith's aesthetics suite is well worth the trip.

      Schedule a consultation with an aesthetic specialist who's mastered this precise science and subtle art, and soon you'll be delighting in your lip augmentation before and after photos! Call New Life Aesthetics in Raleigh at (919) 521-8282 or contacting us here.

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