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      Botox for Men in Raleigh, NC

      Botox Fillers for Men in Raleigh, NC

      Move over ladies, Botox for men is becoming more and more popular. Men are focusing more than ever on their appearance and reversing the signs of aging in the workplace and at home. Botox Cosmetic is a quick and easy way to get instant, natural-looking results.

      Whether you want to look younger or simply freshen up your profile, Botox injections are a great option for men looking to erase fine lines and wrinkles caused by age. Botox improves the appearance of aging by relaxing facial muscles responsible for wrinkles – creating a youthful and rejuvenated look.

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      What is Botox and How Does it Work?

      Botox Cosmetic (often shortened to Botox) is a neuromodulator approved by the FDA to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox is injected using very small needles into targeted facial muscles in a simple in-office procedure.

      Thanks to the neuromodulators in Botox, the nerve impulses that cause wrinkles to form on your forehead or near your eyes ("crows feet") are blocked and unable to contract after the injection. By blocking the small nerves, those muscles are then relaxed – reducing fine lines and wrinkles usually seen with talking, laughing, and frowning.

      By preventing the muscles from contracting, Botox also helps prevent new wrinkles from forming. So not only does Botox treat existing fine lines, but it serves as a preventative treatment too.

      How Much Botox Do I Need?

      Since men tend to have stronger facial muscles than women, men usually need more Botox to relax those muscles. The specific amount – measured in units – you will need depends on several factors. These factors include:

      • Area treated
      • Wrinkle severity
      • Facial size and shape
      • Desired results

      For more information and to schedule your customized consultation, please click here.

      Benefits of Botox

      Unlike surgical interventions which require downtime, Botox is a quick and relatively painless procedure completed right in the office. The entire process takes around 10-15 minutes and requires no downtime. There is no anesthesia required or additional preparation. You can have a treatment on your lunch break or on your way home from the office. After your initial consultation, you can be in and out and on your way in no time.

      Botox injections are also highly targeted, ensuring the exact problem areas are addressed. Our aesthetic nurses, Meredith Harris, NP, Heather Shelton Roberts, RN, BSN, and Amanda Tattersall, NP, have a keen eye for creating natural improvements once they knows your desired goals.

      Results of Botox are seen within one week and last around 2-4 months. As you have additional treatments and the muscles start to 'learn' to relax, results tend to last longer and wrinkles become less noticeable.

      Botox for Men

      Botox for men can rejuvenate and restore lackluster facial features to gain a competitive edge in every situation. It's no secret looking younger in the workplace has its advantages and Botox provides a natural look without looking like you had 'work done'.

      Everyone knows those guys that constantly look stressed, under pressure, and overworked. Botox helps reduce the most common cause of those assumptions by improving the appearance of wrinkles and dullness. Men are using Botox to maintain or restore a youthful look and create one that is well-rested and stress-free.

      More specifically, Botox can help reduce the appearance of frown lines from the classic furrowed brow in between your eyebrows. If you have those stubborn fine lines in your forehead from too many years in the sun, Botox can soften and smooth out the harsh signs of aging.

      Botox also reduces fine lines around your eyes that are noticeable when laughing and talking. By having a detailed consultation, you will leave the office feeling youthful, confident, and well-rested. Leave your wrinkles behind with Botox today.

      Read our Botox for Men Pre and Post Treatment Instructions

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