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      The Acne-Free Diet

      One of the best and most effective ways to treat acne is to start the treatment from the inside out. Eating the right foods can immensely help you to achieve a clean and clear complexion. What you eat directly affects your skin. Opting for the right foods can aid in making your skin look lovely.

      Acne is caused by poor hygiene, poor diet, bacterial infection in the oil glands of the skin, hormonal imbalance which causes over secretion of oil and sometimes it occurs due to extreme stress and anger.

      What To Eat When You Have Acne?

      Drink plenty of water and keep your body adequately hydrated. Water helps to flush toxins from your system and re-hydrates your skin. When you drink plenty of water it helps encourage the shedding of old skin cells and the generation of healthy new ones. Water aids to keep your skin refreshed and at the same time helps fight acne.

      Switch from coffee or tea to green tea. Green tea is full of health benefits. It assists in weight loss and is a great remedy for acne. Since it contains tannic acid it aids in reducing swelling, and to shrink and prevent acne outbreaks. Green tea is a natural detoxifying agent and helps the body to get rid of toxic chemicals.

      Add fish to your diet. Fish contains omega 3 fatty acids which fight against acne tremendously. Tuna is the best of them all. You can also opt for fish oil capsules and incorporate them into your daily supplements.

      Incorporate organic foods in your diet. The chemicals and preservatives that are readily used in food growing and processing can be harmful to the skin’s health.

      Eat fruits and vegetables which are rich in Vitamin A. Apricots, Avocado, Guava, Cherries, Oranges, Watermelon, Broccoli, Carrots, Turnip, Sweet Potatoes, Peas and Spinach are excellent sources of Vitamin A.

      What NOT To Eat When You Have Acne?

      • Fried, fatty foods
      • Vegetable oil causes hormonal imbalance which leads to severe inflammation
      • Salt contains iodine which contributes to acne breakouts, water retention, puffy eyes & hypertension
      • Refined sugars found in soda and desserts
      • Nuts
      • White processed foods (rice, bread)
      • Reduce intake of dairy products

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