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      QWO Cellulite Treatment in Raleigh NC

      Have you ever stared at yourself in the mirror (or a photo) wearing a bathing suit and wished you could melt your stubborn cellulite away? No matter how well you eat or how much you exercise, cellulite seems to never get the hint to go away.

      The unfortunate truth is, there is very little you can do on your own about cellulite.

      Fibrous bands form under the skin, causing fat cells to get trapped and stuck, eventually making unwanted dimples especially in the buttocks area. And no amount of exercise, exfoliating, or anti-cellulite rollerball use is going to fix these issues.

      Luckily, there’s finally something you can do about cellulite.

      QWO is the first (and only) FDA-approved treatment for cellulite, specifically cellulite around the buttocks area in women. QWO injections melt away cellulite in as little as three treatments, leaving you with smoother, more youthful looking skin.

      New Life Aesthetics is proud to offer this incredible treatment at our Raleigh, NC location. To schedule your QWO cellulite treatment consultation, call (919) 521-8282 or contact us online today!

      What is QWO Cellulite Treatment?

      QWO cellulite treatment is the first FDA-approved aesthetic procedure that tackles difficult to treat cellulite.

      QWO treatments consist of injecting an enzyme directly into the problem areas with a small needle to reduce the appearance of moderate to severe cellulite specifically in the buttocks area in as little as ten weeks.

      The enzymes used for QWO treatments are thought to improve tissue structure in the buttocks area, redistribute fat cells, and even stimulate collagen production all of which help smooth cellulite and reduce dimpling.

      What are the Benefits of QWO?

      Benefits of QWO cellulite treatments include visible reduction of cellulite in the buttocks area in just around three months.

      QWO injections do this by breaking up fibrous bands thought to contribute to the dimpling and uneven skin texture seen with cellulite. Fat cells pushing up against the skin adds to cellulite as well and QWO helps redistribute fat cells more evenly, smoothing out their appearance.

      QWO Cellulite Treatment | Raleigh, NC

      Lastly, QWO helps stimulate collagen production in the skin. As we age, we lose collagen which causes our skin to sag and loosen. By increasing collagen production in the buttocks region, skin becomes smoother and more youthful in appearance.

      Who is a Good Candidate for QWO?

      QWO is FDA-approved for women with moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks area. If you think you may be a good candidate for QWO, our specialists will do an in-depth evaluation to determine if you would benefit from QWO injections.

      QWO Cellulite Treatment | Raleigh, NC

      What to Expect at Your QWO Appointment?

      During your QWO cellulite treatment appointment, our specialist will use a small needle to inject QWO into the dimpled areas of the buttocks. Your QWO treatment will take about 10-20 minutes making it a great lunch time or between errands appointment.

      There’s also virtually no downtime or recovery after your QWO treatment.

      QWO cellulite treatments are designed to be administered every 21 days for a total of three treatments. Most people will notice visible results in about ten weeks.

      Since the treatment involves making small injections, there is a risk of tenderness, bruising, and bleeding at the injection sites. You may notice some swelling or redness around the injections as well.

      We will review the risks and benefits prior to starting your treatment so you know exactly what to expect after your QWO appointment.

      Request Your QWO Cellulite Treatment Consultation Today!

      If you’re ready to say goodbye to cellulite, New Life Aesthetics can help. With QWO cellulite treatments, you can experience the first and only FDA-approved and proven cellulite treatment and start seeing results soon.

      If you're looking for QWO cellulite treatment in the Raleigh, NC area – call (919) 521-8282 or request a consultation online today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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