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      Latisse Eyelash Treatment in Raleigh, NC

      Gain fuller and thicker eyelashes with Latisse®!

      Latisse® is an FDA approved treatment that results in longer eyelashes. With daily use, many patients can see the results of this non-invasive prescription in as little as 4 weeks.

      Meredith Harris in Raleigh, NC, prescribes this eyelash solution and helps patients learn how to properly use it. Call (919) 521-8282 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.

      What is Latisse®?

      Latisse® (bimatoprost ophthalmic 0.03%) is a prescription created by Allergan to promote eyelash growth. Latisse treatment results in longer, darker and thicker eyelashes.

      Latisse® is the only FDA approved treatment to address eyelash hair loss.

      Latisse Raleigh

      How Does Latisse® Work?

      A single drop of Latisse® is placed onto the lash line with a disposable, single-use applicator.

      Once applied, bimatoprost, the active ingredient in Latisse®, affects the eyelashes’ hair cycle by increasing the number of hairs present in the anagen (growth) phase.

      Additionally, bimatoprost may also extend the anagen (growth) phase of eyelashes.

      How to Get Latisse®?

      A consultation is required prior to prescribing Latisse. During your Latisse consultation, Meredith will review your medical history for any contraindications, explain correct product use (see below), and review any potential side effects.

      Latisse contraindications may include: eye infections, irritated eyelid skin, a history of elevated intraocular pressure, use of products to treat elevated intraocular pressure, and allergies to Latisse® ingredients.

      Using Latisse®

      Apply a thin layer of Latisse® solution each night. Remember to:

      • remove your makeup and contact lenses beforehand
      • use only one applicator per eye
      • avoid the lower eyelid and eye
      • wipe away excess fluid to prevent unwanted hair growth
      • keep the applicator and bottle tip away from surfaces to avoid infectious bacteria

      You will see a gradual improvement in your eyelashes over 16 weeks of using Latisse®. Many patients experience longer lashes by the fourth week and fuller and darker lashes by eight weeks. The results of clinical trials using Latisse® showed that lashes became 106% fuller, 18% darker, and 25% longer.

      Please advise Meredith if you experience a change of vision or eye trauma when using Latisse®.

      Latisse Results
      Latisse Results
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      *Individual results may very

      Is Latisse® Safe?

      In clinical trials, Latisse® was well tolerated.

      The most common side effect was eye redness and eye itching (4% of patients in clinical trials).

      Other, less common side effects included eye dryness, eye irritation, and potentially-reversible eyelid hyperpigmentation. Iris color change that’s permanent has been reported but is rare.

      How Long Does Latisse® Last?

      The effects of Latisse® will last for as long as you continue to use it. If you stop your prescription, it will take several weeks to several months for your eyelashes to return to what they looked like before you started your prescription.

      Get Your Latisse® Prescription Today!

      The road to longer lashes lies before you with Latisse® eyelash treatment. To schedule your consultation with Raleigh’s top Latisse provider, please call (919) 521-8282 or contact us online.

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