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      Forever Clear BBL Therapy in Raleigh, NC

      Having acne as an adult can kill your confidence and cause painful outbreaks. Medications and topical treatments seem to take forever to work and often leave you with other unwanted effects.

      If you’re tired of endless prescriptions, creams, and cleanses – it’s time to discover Forever Clear BBL.

      If you suffer from frequent and painful acne outbreaks, redness, or large pores, Forever Clear BBL therapy may be what’s missing from your skincare regimen. Rather than waiting months for medications to work, Forever Clear BBL brings you clearer skin often after one treatment.

      New Life Aesthetics uses Forever Clear BBL to restore skin to a healthy, smooth glow and we can do the same for you. To schedule your initial consultation, please call (919) 521-8282 or contact us online today!

      What is Forever Clear BBL?

      Forever Clear BBL uses the power of light to target and eliminate the causes of your acne. The Forever Clear BBL device uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to deliver light energy deep beneath the skin’s surface where it can treat infection, promote healthy cell growth, and encourage healing.

      There are three different types of light used during Forever Clear BBL treatments with each type, or color, bringing powerful skin benefits straight to you.

      Blue BBL light is used to kill bacteria that causes acne breakouts. This blue light penetrates deep into your pores – killing bacteria that normal face creams and ointments can’t reach on the surface.

      Inflammation and redness are another symptom of acne and this is where the Yellow BBL light is beneficial. Yellow BBL light soothes your skin and reduces redness, bringing back your healthy glow.

      Lastly, infra-red light is used to encourage healing and restoration. This step is crucial to improving your skin’s appearance without waiting weeks or months. Once bacteria and inflammation are eliminated – your skin still needs to heal and recover from the damage caused by chronic acne. Infra-red light stimulates healing so you can start seeing results quickly.

      Thanks to the three-part treatment of Forever Clear BBL therapy, the root cause of acne is treated, inflammation is reduced, and healing gets a head start. Many people only focus on one or two aspects of acne treatment and this is why many treatments are ineffective or take months to see results.

      Forever Clear BBL Benefits

      Forever Clear BBL therapy can address many skin related concerns. Benefits of Forever Clear BBL light therapy include:

      • Resolution of current acne outbreaks
      • Reduction in pore size
      • Restored skin tone
      • Reduced acne outbreak frequency

      Forever Clear BBL therapy is perfect for patients with inflammatory acne as well as pustular acne. Both teens and adults can see benefits with Forever Clear BBL treatments.

      If you’re someone who has acne in places other than your face, Forever Clear BBL treatments can help. We can treat many different body areas with Forever Clear BBL light therapy including your face, neck, or back.

      What to Expect from Your Forever Clear BBL Treatment?

      After your consultation with one of our aesthetic nurses, your Forever Clear BBL treatment should take less than an hour to complete. Your treatment is essentially pain-free, with the potential for mild discomfort or redness during the treatment.

      There is no downtime or restrictions for Forever Clear BBL treatments and you can wear makeup after your treatment if desired. This gentle yet effective therapy is your perfect on-the-go skincare solution.

      Some patients see results after one treatment, but many see the most benefits after a series of four treatments.

      Read our Forever Clear BBL Therapy Post Treatment Instructions


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      If you’re ready to take control of your acne and feel confident in your skin again, aesthetics team at New Life Aesthetics can help. With Forever Clear BBL therapy you get the power of three light treatments in one to improve your skin’s health quickly.

      If you're looking for Forever Clear BLL therapy in the Raleigh, NC area – call (919) 521-8282 or contat us online today. We look forward to helping you bring your best face forward!

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