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      Has the rippled texture on your legs or the dimples on your back-side left you feeling less inclined to wear a bathing suit, skirt, or shorts? Until recently, FDA approved cellulite treatments did not treat the root cause of cellulite and therefore required repeat treatments throughout the lifespan to keep up with the recurrence of cellulite.

      If you have cellulite, you are not alone. It is estimated that 95% of all women have cellulite. Your weight, body shape and size do not determine your risk for this condition.

      Now there is an FDA treatment that works long term, by treating the underlying fibrous septae beneath the skin, allowing for smoother, tighter, more lifted appearing skin on your legs and buttocks. Long no more and call to make an appointment today with one of our New Life Aesthetic medical professionals to be evaluated for treatment of your cellulite. You will be educated, and a customized treatment plan will be provided for you which will help you say goodbye to your cellulite for forever!

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