Laser Hair Removal

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The LightPod Neo 1064nm laser is unmatched in terms of efficacy, safety and gentleness of treatment for permanent hair reduction for guests of every skin type. The laser selectively targets melanin (pigment) in the underlying hair and follicle, therefore ideally the treatment area contains dark hair. For guests that suffer from ingrown hairs, the inflammation and pigment is effectively treated surrounding the lesion. Because of the Neo’s unique 650-microsecond pulse duration the energy passes through the skin quickly and does not overheat the epidermal melanin (pigment). This results in new levels of skin safety by avoiding pigmentary risk. Also, because skin cooling is not necessary during treatment and the hand-piece of the Neo does not contact the skin during treatment, the treatment is highly hygienic, fast and comfortable.


*Individual results will vary

Hair follicles cycle through periods of growth and dormancy. Laser hair reduction treats the actively growing follicles. For this reason, you should expect to treat the area 3-5 times, approximately 4-6 weeks between treatments.
Length of treatment varies from 15-45 minutes. No anesthetics are used and minimal to no discomfort is experienced. There is no notable down-time and guests may return to normal activity immediately following their treatment.
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