Aerolase LightPod Neo

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Aerolase’s 650 microsecond laser technology offers an accurate and effective treatment that is FDA cleared for over 30 specific skin conditions. The Lightpod Neo laser is safe for all skin types and is known to have long-lasting results on various types of skin conditions such as wrinkles, acne, pigmentation and melasma, large pore size, rosacea, spider veins, hair removal, scars and much more. The unique combination of high power, within a short pulse duration, allows treatment to be performed without the use of anesthetics, skin cooling, and adverse effects that were commonly encountered with the previous generation of lasers.


The high-power, long wavelength laser energy has the ability to penetrate deep into the dermis compared to other laser treatments. This deep penetration into the skin allows for the laser to have optimal results when it effectively reaches and heats the sebaceous glands. The laser heats bacteria in the sebaceous glands that surrounds the skin is extremely hot temperature and is used to destroy bacteria and reduce the amount of oil that is produced by the body; which helps with the reduction of any swelling or inflammation, all while gently treating the skin.


Deep heating of the tissue in the dermis stimulates collagen, targets acne-causing bacteria, and melanin in the epidermis. The end result is tighter, brighter skin, reduced hair growth, and fewer blemishes and vessels.
A complete consultation will determine the recommended course of treatment. Typical treatments last 15-45 minutes. No anesthetics are needed and minimal to no discomfort is experienced. There is no notable down-time and guests may return to normal activity immediately following their treatment.



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